Angelina Calderon

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My background includes over six years of growing businesses by driving customer success, delivering innovative products and services, and strengthening processes to improve product delivery. I’m a focused account manager with technical literacy and strong process development skills. A trusted adviser who can create a slide presentation for a new product, analyze and recommend project changes to optimize customer spend, and lead strategic sales meetings in the same day. Successful with project ownership and tight deadlines.

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I manage Enterprise customer relationships, focus on customer retention and growth, enable customer expansion with our platform, and strategize across the company for customers’ goals.

Day of The Shirt

I contribute to product development, support customers and analyze data for product research for our website and mobile app.


I perform in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and have experience teaching singing and choral music. Get in touch with me for my performance resume or to request a voice lesson.

Breakfast sandwiches

I’m often very hungry after morning swims and need to replenish whatever energy I’ve burned. Enter the breakfast sandwich. It’s delicious, it’s heavy, it’s portable. Burritos count. Here are a few of my favorites in/around San Francisco should you find yourself in a similar situation:

Special breakfast sandwich from Devil’s Teeth:

  • Why it’s good: scrambled eggs and cheese, avocado, spicy aioli, flake-y warm biscuit
  • Concessions you’ll make: waiting more than a few minutes (if it’s busy) as each one is made to order

Breakfast combo from Super Duper:

  • Why it’s good: no-frills egg/cheese/optional meat sandwich on a toasted English muffin, with coffee and a donut
  • Concessions you’ll make: this is Super Duper’s only breakfast option

Breakfast burrito from Uno Dos Tacos:

  • Why it’s good: the perfect size not-too-big breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, potatoes, salsa, optional meat
  • Concessions you’ll make: longer lines as of late but they move fast

Worth overdoing

I spend a lot of my time at the South End Rowing Club. Mornings after my swims I often met one of our members, the godfather of open water swimming, asking where I’d swam that morning or what swim I wanted to do next. He was almost always there – sitting in an armchair near our deck and wearing a baseball cap – to kayak for someone training for a marathon swim or plan one of our many swims around the San Francisco Bay. He’s not in that armchair anymore but his quotes live on:

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

“Shut up and swim!”

“It’s going to be GREAT!”