The San Francisco bay area is one of the best places to find ice cream, maybe 2nd to my home state of Wisconsin. We’re spoiled here. There’s all varieties of premium- or super-premium local brands, non-dairy alternatives, all the national brands, and a myriad of specialty ice cream shops (and long queues that go with them). Sometimes, though, I don’t want fancy ice cream. Sometimes I prefer cheap rocky road.

Let me explain. Cheap rocky road contains creamy not-too-strong-nor-sweet chocolate ice cream, the indication of nuts, subtle chocolate bits (not really chips), and perhaps if you’re lucky a mini marshmallow or two. I enjoy this combo immensely because it rewards the hunt for the marshmallow with the chance to eat twice as much ice cream. I like to eat this in a coffee mug. Sometimes even in a cake cone that’s about to crack because I’ve stuffed it full.