I fell on the sidewalk a week ago and landed on my kneecap, resulting in one of the most impressive knee lacerations I’ve ever seen. The accident happened in a public location, so folks got me connected to the ER and treatment ASAP. I’m now home recuperating. I can’t flex my knee and have crutches. I can rest, work remotely, commute (when I want to), and am in minimal pain. I’ve had to cancel travel, rearrange plans, and revisit my Netflix queue. I’ve also had incredible support from people who’ve helped me continue to get things done and a spouse who spent all day at the clinic with me.

My own thoughts want to discount the wound, but in reality it is severe and warrants time to heal – at least a couple weeks. So here I am writing this post as a reminder to slow down and recuperate when I need to, even if the cause doesn’t seem as bad in my own brain.