The COVID-19 pandemic persists. My favorite masks are made by a local artisan who sells at the Ferry Building farmers market. There are now wildfires blazing in CA, WA, OR as a result of human-created global warming and today is the 26th consecutive Spare the Air Day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jacob Blake of Kenosha, WI is paralyzed in a hospital bed due to police officers shooting him while his children watched. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are also dead by police fire, having joined a list of 1,018 people killed by police this year. Former VP Joseph Biden has accepted the Democratic nomination for President and is up for election against the current White House occupant in November. Many people will vote by mail. I haven’t seen my parents since 2019. I last flew in an airplane on March 6. The South End Rowing Club will fly the BLM flag, as will our church. Neither have started yet. I’ve baked yellow cake, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispie bars, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Our kitchen filled with smoke the other night due to a poorly-performing grill pan and opening the windows co-mingled our kitchen smoke with wildfire smoke. San Francisco was orange on Wednesday. Our cats now have a small yard (we do, too).