2021 begins

We rang in 2021 nearly asleep as renegade fireworks erupted in pockets of the city for around 3 minutes. Since then there’s been a walk on the beach, the making of soup, some laundry, and dealing with adulthood. We woke this morning to some rain outside and the sounds of fast running water inside and a large puddle in the living room seeping from where a pipe had burst. 16 hours later a temporary fix is in place to the plumbing, our floors were mopped up, every towel in existence is being washed/dried, the Christmas tree removed and needles swept, and a drying service has installed several dehumidifiers in our home and in the building. We’re now down to a little less space while the water is removed over the next 3-5 days.

A few things that made 2020 ok in no particular order: